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Frannie's Franks
Lodi WI

Frannie's Franks in Lodi | Proudly Serving Vienna® Beef

Frannie's Franks is an authentic Chicago style food stand with all the authentic flavors and condiments that make this style of food so well known around the world. Our Vienna All Beef hot dogs are served on a poppy seed bun with all the toppings, right down to the neon green relish, sport peppers and celery salt. We also serve, thinly sliced and seasoned to perfection Italian Beef sandwiches, served on Turano Rolls, you can add the mouth watering giardiniera or sweet peppers to really enhance the flavor of the meat. Also included on our menu are, Maxwell Street Polish, Italian Sausage, and Lake Geneva Meats Bratwurst. Drinks (bottled water and soda) and chips are available. We have outdoor seating with music for your enjoyment and are always ready to greet and serve with a smile.

Opening April 2017


Monday-Saturday opening at 10:30 a.m.
Sunday- Closed

Frannie's Franks in Lodi WI